Will thousands of Accountants attend Accountex 2013 ?

Once is luck! Twice well now that’s a different story.

That’s what one cynic said when we discussed Accountex 2013 with them and told them that the plan was for more than 6000 delegates to register.

Let’s put that in context, that’s 6,000 accountants in business or in practice. Whatever the split between he two that’s an impossible ask. Every intelligent business person knows that to get 6,000 to pre-register is a massive % of the overall market.

So large a percentage that many said it could not be done. Similar statements in fact to those we got in year one when we said ‘Thousands will come’ and they did.

Over 6,000 already registered – and still climbing!

Well to the doom mongers, the cynics and the scores of people that said ‘impossible’ here is the blog post we have been desperate to write. Today, thanks to the team at Prysm over 6,000 delegates have registered for what promises to be the most exciting get together of accountants ever in the UK. (There is a rumor of reaching 6,500 PLUS but lets not get carried away.

We are not global exhibition experts, but we are guessing this could be the biggest accountants exhibition in the world – comments appreciated.

Why have over 6100 accountants already registered?

Simply put MORE; our team have just come back from setting up the insight theater and stands for MyFirmsApp and Sales For Accountants. In fact I wish every delegate could have been there with us; if you could stand in the exhibition space and watch it getting built in front of your eyes like we have I think you would be excited too. Everywhere there is MORE; MORE content, MORE speakers, MORE exhibitors, MORE Theaters, MORE seating, MORE Workshops, MORE topics and even MORE reasons to attend – for free.

Our own workshop[s are already booked with over 400 delegates to a string of workshops sessions.

If you are coming be sure to visit us, if your have not yet registered don’t miss out you can still register free right here

Below is the MyFirmsApp stand ready for thousands to arrive shortly.

MyFirmsApp Accountex Stand

And the www.salesforaccountants.com stand

Sales For Accountants Accountex Stand