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Who are Insight Marketing?

Insight was founded in the early 80s by well-known author and philanthropist David Oliver. His vision then – as now – was to actively support the growth of professional firms realising the potential of the partners and the teams they are responsible for. David is also one of our leading presenters and has well-established global reputation for delivering powerful and effective marketing and sales strategies for firms of all sizes. Today, our senior team and their staff work with a huge range of firms, from top internationals to single owner firms. We are proud to have developed an excellent reputation for our no-nonsense approach, delivering online and offline strategies that provide meaningful results for our customers.

As well as sales training and coaching, Insight also offer outsourced solutions to help you generate new business. As an Insight customer, you have access to all of the support you would have if you had your own large internal sales and marketing department – instantly and without all that up-front cost! Insight has developed a very strong niche area actively supporting the growth of UK accountancy firms and has a site dedicated to serving this community: www.salesforaccountants.com

Insight is also the market-leading provider of Apps for accountants and other professional service businesses with over 50,000 users currently enjoying on-the-move mobile access to information, news and technical data delivered to their pnones and tablets 24/7.

What experience do Insight have?
  • We have been working with professional service firms for over 30 years.
  • Uniquely, we are able to work with any business, of any size, anywhere, providing our values align. We currently consult for and support many top 100 national and international companies, hundreds of partnerships and sole traders, as well as respected networks and associations.
  • In just 12 months over 13,000 professional service firms have requested one of our reports.
  • More than 50,000 end-users now enjoy information, news and technical data provided to them by their professional advisers by means of one of our Apps.
  • 45,000+ receive monthly emails from us. Thousands have joined us on LinkedIn and follow us socially.
  • Over 3000 delegates have attended one of our ‘live’ events, and 7,000 plus have viewed our webinars.
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Tower Hill
AVN Arena
Baker Tilly
  • Tower Hill Associates Limited, an Accredited Financial Planning Firm and Chartered Financial Planners have developed a strong brand in the Richmond and Surrey area which needed protecting in an increasingly competitive digital world. Having heard Daniel Richards of Insight Marketing present at an IFP event I could not only tell that he “knew his stuff” but also that helping professional services firms with their branding and digital marketing was a particular niche of the firm.
  • I have had the pleasure of working with David Oliver for some years now and found him to be a man of integrity and an expert in his field as well as an outstanding speaker.
  • Dan and Insight marketing know the accountancy marketplace inside out. They know exactly the challenges that accountants face with marketing and business development. The workshops that Insight Marketing run are excellent and definitely worth a day of time to attend. You will have a much greater understanding of marketing and business development when you leave.
  • Each year we have a partners' away day to focus on the most important issues facing our firm and our strategic goals. We have found that external facilitation has focused and produced great results which we have been able to drive through ourselves in subsequent partners' meetings. We brought Insight in to work with us one such away day.
  • “Harry’s Father” was an entertaining part of a very informative digital marketing programme run by Insight Marketing that only inspired and growth-looking accountants should attend.
  • Insight Marketing have been a pleasure to work with. They understood completely the complexities of the solution we were looking to roll out and became like an extension of Computer 2000 in the way in which activity was delivered. The quality of support on the phone was second to none – instilling confidence that the overall output would be both professional and a success.