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In House, Tailored Sales Training

Sales has changed in the past 5 years. Salesmanship today is no longer about just getting an order or securing a new customer. Today’s salesperson must understand the need for working with clients in a consultative way to provide cost effective solutions with relationships that last.

If you want your staff trained, there’s a reason. Perhaps sales are inconsistent or unsustainably low. You may be struggling to assess what is genuinely achievable by your salesperson or team in your sector. You will certainly want training that inspires but also brings long term measurable results.

Working with over 100,000 trainees over 35 years, you can rest assured that we have the ability to deliver tested concepts that work and a formula to guarantee long term success and peace of mind for you.

  • Sales Training that is tailored and totally relevant to you, your business and your plans for growth
  • Sales Training that has been carefully tailored to your industry
  • Sales Training that inspires, motivates and guarantees a methodology for results


Motivation and Results-Orientated Sales Training

Your in-house sales training course will be tailored to your specific needs. Typical core elements included are:

    • Sales strategy – the three primary steps of the selling process
    • Questions – the heart of successful selling – During this critical element, a unique diagnostic model is used to uncover all the questions that are pertinent and powerful in each of your markets. This model is the definitive model for question development and is not offered by any other sales training organisation.
    • Referrals: 10 ways to generate referrals non-offensively and non-invasively
    • Benefits: Why benefits don’t work in today’s marketplace. Learn the key to more sales, better sales and increased margins. How to define or create a much more powerful tool MDSA© and how to communicate it with honest conviction.
    • The maths of selling: Learn the precise formula tailored to your company’s own markets (This formula has been successfully implemented in thousands of companies).
    • Group exercises: How to develop incisive, penetrative questions to create your MDSA© and to persuasively handle objections.
    • Closing: How to close more deals more frequently.
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