Negotiating For More Profitable Firms & Practices

Everyone in accountancy invariably both buys and sells. Most partners buy and sell in different ways every week, sometimes every day. This Blog mini-series is for you, to help you get the best out of every deal whether it’s a one off deal, or a long term relationship. It is also for the partners or manager who has to do the role of professional salesman or buyer.

Each of these keys for better negotiation has been specifically written so that it has application for selling and buying. Apply the principles in these blogs and you should quite easily see an improvement in your net profit of at least 10 per cent. No, I’m not exaggerating, so please don’t switch off! Just one idea alone has saved me £50,000 on the cost of biscuits, and more recently £10,000 on the purchase of our family boat. One professional firm applying the principles we are going to Blog increased net profit by well over 100%

The material in this Blog is useful in every sphere of life – work and family.

Husbands and wives often unwittingly negotiate. Families negotiate in relationships and in the parent children roles – especially in the teenage years. Our youngest daughter is in the middle of buying her first starter home and that is a huge negotiation at a young age.

One friend of mine read this material and went out to buy a new double bed. He came back delighted having saved £35 for he and his wife. In fact in twenty years of teaching this material, no-one I know has ever lost money as a result of its application. But hundreds of people that I have heard from, have taken one or more of these keys and achieved better deals time and time again.

Very Few accountants Negotiate Effectively

Very few accountants negotiate effectively, and the rewards are great for those who do. Follow these principles and above average performance will follow. A ten-percent improvement is well within your grasp, so read on!

One trend today in modern compliance and audit is based around a feeling of partnership between accountants & and client and equally accountant and his/her supplier. To enjoy a long term relationship, both parties must reach mutual agreement about the business being transacted – not just price but a whole range of terms, conditions and other related ingredients. To do that they negotiate. The skill of the negotiators will determine whether that relationship succeeds or fails. The greater your skill, the greater the advantage you can expect.