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How To Grow Your Firm

The old ways of marketing are becoming less effective for professional firms. This video takes a close look at what’s working right now. Listen and you will discover the top 6 ways to grow your firm, and how to avoid starting from cold when prospecting for new clients.

Presented by well -known speaker and author David Oliver.

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Do Apps Really Work

Most people accept that Apps are here to stay as they become more and more absorbed into our daily lives. The next hurdle to overcome is to convince you and your business of their effectiveness in your specific circumstances.

This session explores how we can unlock the power of Apps for you.

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The 1 Reason Websites Fail

Watch these simple steps to ‘transform your website’. 

This video looks at the number 1 reason why so many websites fail – plus 5 other misdemeanours.  Watch it and you’ll see the common mistakes and how easy it is to solve them.

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