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It’s a chance to chat through where you are at right now, where you want to be and the marketing routes you can employ to get you there.

We all need to accept that the old ways of marketing don’t work any more!

What we will share during your 1:1 session is based on 30+ years helping businesses to grow.

The truth is, right now many of the old ways of marketing a firm don’t work anywhere near as well. They are largely tired, disjointed, and no longer effective enough for many to continue!

So this 1:1 is a great opportunity to find out what’s working – and what to avoid.

Topics can include:

  • Learn how modern companies are growing profitability and predictably
  • 6 simple steps others have taken that deliver outstanding results
  • Mobile Technology: How should your business respond?
  • Lead Generation: Gaining high quality ‘hand picked’ appointment opportunities
  • Apps: Do they really work?
  • Digital Marketing, websites, PPC, Blogs & Social Media
  • Live, interactive and personal Q&A


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How do we know what’s working?

Over the years, in our pursuit of marketing, we’ve tried just about every possible way of lead generation. Every idea we are about to share with you has been thoroughly tested – and you can be sure of that because we have made some major mistakes and carried out disastrous campaigns in the past.

We’ve sent emails with errors, mailers that bombed and lost literally thousands of pounds. We’ve made all those mistakes so you don’t need to. What you get is ‘the best of the best’.

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