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Aimlessly using Social Media

The way we connect has changed. That does not mean we should immediately jump on the bandwagon without a clear goal!


Social Media

The web has changed how we connect with each other, and today social networking is at the heart of the communication revolution. It’s no longer used by a few kids, but by the entire business community, including a rapidly growing number of your clients and potential clients.

74% of professional firms see social media as the number one emerging channel for lead generation. Yet 68% of the same group says they are unprepared for the challenges of social media marketing!


Don’t jump in without a plan!

The threat comes from just jumping in, setting up on LinkedIn and sending tweets. No goal, just aimlessly trying to ‘have a go’ without really understanding what you are doing or why!

Busy partners don’t have this time to waste. And it’s not just time that can be lost, it’s the opportunity cost. Badly managed social media can be more damaging to you than not doing anything.

Make sure you have a plan for your social media, even if it’s fairly basic such as.

Invest a total of x £ and y hours into social media and expect:

  • Partners and key staff connection with all clients
  • Use Blog to push through to all social media channels
  • Become disciplined to use LinkedIn as a referral tool
  • Ensure each partner has 3 testimonials on their profiles
  • Write recommendations for your key clients
  • Generate X number of new clients this year through social media
  • Each partner of key staff member to join x groups and share blog articles to them

Start with an integrated blog

In short, before you start trying to get social media working, you’ll need to have a way of managing all your platforms from once place. Otherwise it will become unmanageable. We recommend starting with an integrated blog, meaning that each time you post a blog article on your website, all social media channels, and even your App are updated.

This will save you hours and ensure that you make managing social media possible.

Get LinkedIn working ‘properly’ for you

LinkedIn is now widely accepted by accountants, so we don’t need to go over why LinkedIn is so powerful. What we can look at is ensuring that you are using it properly.                                      

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