Who do you think influences your accounting practice today?

As a service accounting continues to grow its global presence. With over 1.2 million businesses, with revenues of $464 billion, worldwide accounting continues to grow its market with essential services that increasingly offer personalised accounting and financial insight to business and individuals.

When you read the latest accounting news or blog post from leading accountancy commentators, who do you pay the most attention to? Of course it’s impossible to make a definitive list. A recent blog post did however, put forward a few names:

  • Tony Margetelli (ICPA)
  • Paul Dunn (B1G1)
  • Paula Talon (Gabelle Tax)
  • Micheal Wood (Receipt Bank)
  • David Oliver (Insight Marketing, SalesforAccountants and MyFirmsApp)
  • Rod Drury (Xero)

Each of these individuals has used their specialist skills to develop an aspect of the accounting profession. They have also become key persons of influence who are shaping how the accounting landscape is evolving and directing the debate regarding the future development and delivery of accounting services to clients.

How is the accounting profession changing? What trends should practices pay attention to? And what practical action should accountants take now to ensure their businesses are at the forefront of their profession? These are key questions that leaders across the accounting sector are answering today.

The question then is which of the people of influence do you pay attention to?

Are there individuals that offer your practice guidance and insight that is shaping the services you provide but also how you approach your practice every day?

Accounting has moved from simply a compliance service to personalised support, advice and the practical application of the latest digital platforms. Who is helping your firm make sense of these changes?

Seth Godin has commented that we are now in the connected economy. Increasingly accountants will take on the role of trusted advisors. How those relationships develop and evolve has a lot to do with the culture that every accountancy practice evolves. Paying attention to key persons of influence across accounting can direct how your practice integrates into the connected economy.

Send your comments and your recommendations for who influences your accounting practice.