Accountants App with global support & price guarantee

The global custom App provider for accountants & bookkeepers is providing 24 hour customer care to provide clients with around the clock support. With accountants from Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and other regions all wanting to launch a custom App using the proven MyFirmsApp platform, the business has responded by adding 24 hour support for these regions.

This enablement team are now in place to help clients get the most from their exciting new custom App – to help with training, customer care, technical support as well as marketing assistance to share how other firms are successfully using the App.

Price Guarantee:

Along with providing the increased layer of support around the clock – the Executive Team also wanted to make it simple to purchase from MyFirmsApp, a brand that thousands trust. Already providing the most powerful App on the market at the lowest possible price, it was a simple decision to put a guarantee against this.

The My Firms App Price Guarantee is a simple concept; whatever a third party software or App developer offers for their system, we’ll be able to smash that price consistently and give your firm a better deal for a product that either matches or surpasses its competitors. This all goes hand in hand with our company mission to put Accountants & Bookkeepers First.