What is Murray Cloney?

Murray Cloney & Associates was founded in 1992 by the partnership of Michael Murray and Paul Cloney, based in Charleville. 24 years later, Murray Cloney is a prestigious and acclaimed accountancy firm, still based in the small town where it started. Murray Cloney has received the ACCA Quality Checked Mark in both 2006 and 2013; an esteemed award that indicates that the firm has applied the best practice procedures and offers a superb service to their clients.

Murray Cloney currently employs 9 people, experienced in their roles and ready to serve their clients at any time. Murray Cloney offers the usual tax planning and compliance services alongside more niche sectors like handing the financial duties of farming.

Recently, Murray Cloney decided to commission their own Accountants App from the global leader in Apps for accountants, MyFirmsApp. The Irish accountancy market doesn’t have many Apps available at the moment – less than 1% of accountants in Ireland have their own App. Needless to say, this puts Murray Cloney in the best position to reap the benefits of the App revolution.


Invaluable finance and tax information on the go

The Murray Cloney App offers 12 specialised calculators to assist you in any financial needs you may have. These calculators will display a monthly/annual invoice total for a number of financial matters. On average, 12,750 App users worldwide use these calculators monthly, a clear indication that these calculators are invaluable to businesses and individuals. Here is a list of calculators available in this App:

• Stamp Duty
• Loans
• Inheritance Tax
• Mortgage
• Savings
• Pay slip
• Corporation Tax
• Income Tax
• Inflation
• Increased Profit

The App also provides a list of frequently updated Tax Tables, for those wondering how certain taxes will affect you and informing you on how to optimise your tax returns. The Murray Cloney App also provides a complete description of the quarterly government budget almost immediately after announcement, as well as past budgets. Their App will also inform you of any big financial dates and events that will occur in future, such as when tax returns are due and PAYE Settlements that must be paid.

Receipts, Mileage and Income easily tracked on the Murray Cloney App

Both clients and firms need to take care of the receipts they acquire as part of their business ventures, and MyFirmsApp has you covered with the Receipt Manager tool. This feature allows you to take a photo of your receipt and then fill out some data. Now that you have your receipt stored on your device, you can export it rapidly via email.

Keeping track of your overall income is something that can take up a lot of your time, time you could spend on more important business activities. The Murray Cloney Income Tracker allows you to input all your different forms of income into one place and track it next to total expenditure.

Tracking your mileage is something you want to do when using a company car, or for keeping track of travel expenses. Doing it by the old pen & paper method can be confusing and a drain on your time. Murray Cloney’s Mileage Tracker tool will record your travels for you and organise it all into a single App, which can be easily exported via email.

Also available in this App is a portal to Xero. Xero Accounting offers powerful cloud accounting solutions for small-to-medium businesses. All the features of a desktop accounting package on your phone!

This App also supports an amazingly effective and quick communication tool: Push Notifications. Compared to emails, Push Notes are far quicker to draft and publish and get noticed and acted on by recipients considerably more often than an expensive, time consuming email campaign that frequently ends up being ignored.

Murray Cloney has augmented their firm by offering a wealth of valuable services for their clients. The special relationship between the firm and their clients will be further reinforced by the increased interaction and quality of services that the App offers.

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