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Mobile computing is one of the hottest topics in the profession today.

That’s because almost all of us use smartphones and tablets to browse the web, wherever we are.

The big question is, what does this rise in smartphone use mean to the accountancy profession? This NEW webinar takes a close look at the UK Smartphone and Tablet market and how firms are already responding. You can register for free here.

Where to Start?

During this new webinar together we will take a careful look at how accountancy firms are embracing their mobile clients. You will discover the very latest thinking on ‘effective mobility’ and what it means to all accountancy firms.

UK Smartphone and Tablet Usage

Mobile Websites | Should you have one? | What are they?

Together we will explore how you can display your website in a mobile friendly manner. Providing key information about your firm, and your services to this rapidly growing smartphone audience.

You’ll see the latest device recognition technology and discover how to make your website mobile with minimal investment or hassle and without the need for additional domains.

Apps for Accountants | A fad, a gimmick and an unnecessary tool – or the most exciting thing in over 40 years?

The number of firms launching their own app is booming. And for good reason! With an estimated 830-million smartphone users, your clients are almost all using smartphones. Getting your own App to give to your customers and potential customers can change the way you communicate and interact forever.

But how do you go about getting your own App developed?

An App from your practice, in your branding, with your logo, available within the Apple and Android store.

During this 40 minute webinar we will explore:

1. The commercial case for a practice investing in an App

2. How to get your own App with ease

3. The 4 primary App suppliers to accountants and the costs

4. What to look for when choosing your App supplier

5. Marketing your new App

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Mobile Device Statistics

Mobile Device Statistics