MyFirmsApp appoints new chairman

Another big change in our company is the appointment of a new chairman. Gavin Disney-May was a director of accounting software giant Sage One, helping to grow Sage One in the Accounting market. Gavin is also a senior business advisor for several software and technology companies. He is also an Executive Partner for Vista Equity Partners, a successful private equity firm.

Gavin’s appointment signals a new era for MyFirmsApp. What used to be a small FinTech firm developing Apps for local accounting firms has skyrocketed into what it is now. Gavin’s appointment is the final piece of the puzzle that will shape MyFirmsApp’s further growth and success for years to come.

FinTech firm MyFirmsApp’s explosive growth

If there’s anything that’s defined the last couple of months at MyFirmsApp, it’s growth. We’ve enjoyed a 200% ARR increase over the last 6 months and have branched out into far-flung markets like South Africa and Canada. We continue to make gains in Australia and the US, with continued success in our native UK. Our presence in these markets has caused a sea change in how accountants provide a superior service to their clients.

This success hasn’t gone unnoticed in the industry. Reckon Virtual Cabinet has announced a partnership with MyFirmsApp, allowing a deep level of integration. And with more than 150,000 end users who have downloaded an App made by MyFirmsApp, this gives App users who are using Apps with Virtual Cabinet integration the ability to send documents back and forth with ease, making both the client and the accountant’s lives much easier. With Gavin’s extensive technology background and business expertise helping to drive global growth strategies, MyFirmsApp will continue to go from strength-to-strength.