Does blogging generate leads for accountants?

Before we start looking together at the benefit of blogging when it comes to lead generation for accountants I would like to address why blog in the first place.

Why Blog?

The primary reason to blog is not lead generation and its not improving the way your site ranks and it’s definitely not to get your personality into words!

So why on earth should accountant’s blog in the first place?

Blogging saves an accountancy firm hours!

If the blog is correctly built in the first place and fully integrated or you have an I-Blog then your blog will automatically update your digital space. That means, one blog post will:

Update your social media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google + etc.

Update your website and share your blog with your target audience

Update other external devices such as a mobile website or App

It’s this ability to manage your online presence, through one tool that makes blogging a must. Read more about this in a previous blog post. That does not mean partners or key staff have to write all day long. Instead let us supply some content, use guest bloggers (clients and connections) and other members of your team. To make blogging simple.

So if your not using a fully integrated blog or the I-blog then your wasting hours of time, unnecessarily.

It will also improve your website rankings, visitor numbers and enquiries

We believe in a balanced approach, to marketing and practice growth. So I am not going to say without a blog you are not going to survive, because you will.

Some ‘marketers’, ‘agencies’ and ‘professionals’ hold the view that a blog will not help you win customers. Instead its there to educate clients, get your personality into writing and to provide quality content to your connections. This may well be their experience, but it’s certainly not been ours. The very fact you are reading this article, is partial proof of that. And I am about to share with you more proof from other fellow accountancy professionals using the I-Blog solution.

The I-Blog has saved them hours and helped them win new clients.

57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog. Source: HubSpot

78% of companies that update their blogs daily have acquired a customer from their blog. Source: WordPress

Lets look at an example, Burgis and Bullock accountants; you can see an image of their blog below.

Burgis and Bullock

Here you can see that the blog article is showing on Google position 1 for this term and position 4 from the instant update on LinkedIn. You 1 and 4 on Google for your chosen term within hours of the blog article. That’s not only impressive, but it’s impossible using other SEO techniques.

Google Results

Lets take one last look at a harder, more competitive search term like ‘budget 2013 tax implications’ a popular and competitive search. You can see Burgis are ranking position 4 from over 4 million searches. Ranking just beneath PWC – now that’s fantastic news for Burgis and all achieved in just a few minutes using the I-Blog. And don’t forget, every blog post automatically updates your entire online space including social media, website and an App if you have one yet.

Google Results

Blogging will save you hours and help you win new business

We blog and we help many accountancy firms blog. If correctly developed from the start they will save you time, help you manage everything ‘online’ and will help your website become more visible and therefore increase your website traffic and number of enquiries.

Happy Blogging and thanks for reading

Joel Oliver

Joel Oliver | [email protected]