Building an incredibly successful accountancy practice in 2017


7 secrets revealed from thought leaders

Are you looking to make your practice more successful?

Have you wondered what you need to do this year to take your firm to the next level?

Or considered how some practices in your area are achieving record growth while others are simply treading water?

In this live web event on January 23rd, we will be exploring these questions and revealing 7 secrets from thought leaders, each one designed to help you build an ‘incredibly powerful’ accountancy practice in 2017, supercharge your plans and give you access to learning, materials and insight that will provide you with a blueprint you can follow.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover 7 ways to dramatically improve your accountancy firms success in 2017
  • Gain access to evidence based, practice change strategies you can replicate
  • Discover ideas that are working for other firms, some of which you can instantly apply
  • Leave with a genuine sense of where the profession is today and a clear understanding of the change ahead

You’ll also receive your ongoing ‘success pack’ that you’ll get immediately after the web event concludes – including:

  • A complete list of slides
  • Reference pack including action points, checklist and templates
  • Your free ebook (details below)
  • Invitation to a follow on web-event exclusive to delegates
  • Plus, a transcript of all the material shared (distributed 48 hours after the web-event concludes)

Your Session Synopsis

This exclusive web-event is being presented live (for the very first time) by global thought leader and pioneer David Oliver. He has personally written this material, exclusively for CPA firms, to help prepare thousands of firms around the globe.

It’s live on January 23rd in America and Australia.

Here is a quick snap-shot of what David will be covering:

  • On a Mission
  • Why agility trumps ability
  • How to differentiate, stand out and make lasting impact
  • Discover why and how client expectations are changing
  • Accountancy becomes transactional, the rise of the new accountant
  • One thing thousands of firms have done to become more connected with clients
  • The new role of websites in 2017

Comments from recent Web Event Delegates

“We are now very firmly in the ‘age of connection’. MyFirmsApp are now enhancing that at an amazing level, which is why so many of the clients I serve are using these processes – specifically to connect. Of course I recommend the App; I’ve got to see my data, I’ve got to be connected with you – it needs to be right there and that’s what the App does. You’re giving clients access to their information and other things they might need to do a better job and, importantly, to stay more connected to you – great for developing client loyalty. It’s a brilliant way of using technology to connect. The feedback is always ‘I love it.’ People are inspired. Just do it – you will be so thrilled that you did.”

Paul Dunn | B1G1

“The App will certainly transform the way in which we communicate with our clients. Email communication can often be lost in this day and age of swelling mailboxes; the App ensures we can deliver concise and relevant information, straight to their smart phone. More and more clients are performing accounting and tax functions using a mobile device, and the software vendors themselves are spending significant resources developing their mobile Apps. Our new App can blend with this and form a neat connection between the client, their accounting software and their advisors.”

Stuart Brandman | Director – 542 Partners

“I have an admission to make… I really didn’t “get” apps for accountants. But then I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar where David Oliver explained with crystal clarity why it is essential for accountants to feature prominently on the mobile phones in their clients’ and prospects’ pockets. And now I am completely convinced. I was also really excited by the potential of the advanced push notification technology built into the MyFirmsApp to put relevant, timely and targeted messages into clients’ hands. And it seems to me that every single accountant who wants to remain relevant must take this kind of technology really seriously.”

Steve Pipe | Speaker, strategist and Amazon 5 star rated business author