Mistake – 6 of 12

Not launching your own App approved by Apple and Android

Apps and Mobile technology will become as important as email to accountants. Over the next few months you will see considerable growth in this area and will eventually be used by almost all accountants to communicate and interact with clients. Firms that grasp this and act quickly have a rare opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Change the way you communicate MyFirmsApp

Change the way you interact and communicate with clients & prospects

See the latest App technology, promoted by ICAS, ACCA, ICPA, Advisor Hub, Accountancy Age and others. It’s the perfect solution for accountancy firms that want to become more efficient, save time and differentiate themselves.

You can get:

  • Your own App that’s approved by Apple and Google
  • You can distribute it free to all your contacts without limit
  • A simple, efficient way to answer many of your clients’ day to day queries
  • New, time effective communication channel
  • Receipt Management tool that can save hours
  • Mileage tracker (iOS)
  • The very latest tax information and calculators updated by us

Available at low cost and developed with your logo, your branding and in your company colours.

To find out more visit www.myfirmsapp.co.uk


MyFirmsApp 1:1 Demo

Your Free 1:1 App Demonstration

You know that Smartphone’s are booming! But how can an App really work for your firm and your clients? The only way to really ‘get it’ is to see the app working, only then will it be crystal clear.

Carried out from the comfort of your desk by phone you can see for yourself how an App will:

  • Pay for itself many times over in a matter of months
  • Save hours of operational time
  • Become a tool that your clients and potential customers will love
  • Understand why so many use the app daily
  • How it has revolutionised the way accountants communicate
  • Easily and effortlessly differentiate your firm
  • Be hassle free, all updates and tax data managed by us

Why a demo?

During the testing phase firms said they wanted to see the App working, rather than a QR code or link to the Apple or Android store. That’s why we developed the concept of your free, no obligation demo where you can see the App working and who is already using it.


Plus as part of our giving philosophy, each time someone requests a ‘free demo’ a child in Ethiopia gets access to pure, life-saving water for a day. Such a small habit, yet a major impact.

Comments from App customer’s end users

“We are delighted with our App which was designed by the team at MyFirmsApp. The process was simple and the cost extremely competitive. It gives us great content in two sections – first the tax tables and really helpful calculators, and second the content we can update ourselves, helping us keep clients and potential clients updated with news and events at Alexander & Co and different ways we have helped clients. It’s a fantastic marketing tool with links to our blog, website and social media.”

Richard Alexander | Alexander & Co


“Thank you to the Team at Insight for developing Thoburn & Chapman’s new App. It looks absolutely great and the content is spot on for our needs in helping our clients get easy access to important info and getting us in the shop window of potential customers who fit our ideal client profiles. It seems to be doing both jobs really well for a minimal investment. The feedback from our clients has been 100% in favour. Well done!”

Ralph Thoburn | Thoburn £ Chapman


“We chose MyFirmsApp as we wanted to differentiate as a firm and continue to be at the cutting edge of technology with clients and prospects. Along with the App, which has been created for us – we also chose a marketing pack to help us easily promote and distribute our new App. We were particularly pleased that even before we began marketing it, we had won 2 clients who had found our App and enquired through it! This has already paid for the App and we now look forward to marketing it with earnest and enjoying the results from that.”

Derek Mitchell | Taylor Viney & Marlow


Tayabali Tomlin

A story from one of the world’s most inspiring Accounting firms

Hi, my name is Aynsley Damery and I rely on the team at Insight to keep innovating and ensure that Tayabali Tomlin stay ahead of the curve. If you want some evidence, simply check out our website online and you will see what I mean.

So when they said that they were launching an App for accountants through MyFirmsApp I said ‘Yes’.

To be perfectly honest, I said yes simply because I trust Insight and I thought it might be a nice ‘gimmick’ or ‘freebie’ for clients and a powerful, differentiating marketing tool. When I looked at our App on my iPhone it was well designed, heavily customised to our firm and our image, had fantastic integration with our blog and so was an effective, automated communication tool but beyond that it was, well, ‘basic’.

That’s not to say I was disappointed; after all there’s a limit to how sexy a calculator or a fact sheet can be. But personally I didn’t actually think or believe clients would download it, let alone use it. But like I say that was not my goal for the App, it was specifically to help differentiate us.

It worked

I was right, it did differentiate us. What I underestimated was by how much and in how many different ways. We have had PR articles in important local publications like Cotswold Life and Business & Professional life, and we have had people sharing feedback with us on the App stores.

It’s strengthened our message of being proactive, forward thinking innovators – focused on entrepreneurs and helped us become even more visibly different than our competitors and all for such a small investment of money.

But I was still wrong

It didn’t stop there though. Before this project I didn’t expect our clients to really engage with our App; that was until we started getting feedback from clients. They were loving it; I mean not just downloading it or using it once or twice. They were engaging with it, some of them multiple times each day. And each time they did, our branding and name was in front of them. And, well, am I glad it’s not a competitor’s!

I underestimated the desire for our clients to interact, communicate and get content via their smart-phones. And best of all it doesn’t require any of my time to manage it.

A talking point

It’s been a big talking point for clients and prospects. A very nice, professional way to share what we do differently without ‘selling’. We just give them a link to the App store, they get the App and we can then communicate with them.

And what I said at the start about it being basic; we were one of the first 5 firms to use the solution. Since then it’s come on leaps and bounds, and as the team at MyFirmsApp continue to innovate, they are innovating for my clients
and prospects. We have upgraded to platinum and are looking forward to the future.

Whatever happens, we will continue to try and prepare our clients for the future, today.

Tayabali Tomlin

Aynsley Damery | Partner | Tayabali Tomlin

Tayabali Tomlin