50 billion app downloads

On Thursday of last week Apple posted a countdown to the 50 billionth App download from the App store. The lucky person to download this landmark App won over £6,000 in store gift cards. Apps have changed the way we consume news, do business, communicate, create and live. In fact some of the Apps can even help save lives.

The performance of the App store itself has been mind blowing. It has grown in size at a phenomenal rate since its launch in 2008. To place this growth into some kind of framework or perspective Apple counted down to its 1 billionth App download in April 2009, 10 billionth download in January 2011 and 25 billion in February 2012.

Accountants are responding and enjoying some great results

Apps might seem unnecessary to some partners of accountancy firms. Believing that they have no use to your clients, or that they are a passing fad. The results from the App store above nor the growing use of Apps and mobile devices paint a very different picture.

Over the past few months we have launched an App for an accountant in almost every county in the country. And the feedback from the accountancy firms and the end users themselves has been staggering.

Firms like Fooks & Co, Tayabali Tomlin, Caplan Accountants, Nordens, Alexander & Co have all had their Apps approved by both Apple and Google over the past few weeks.

What’s more getting an App is low cost, low risk and low hassle. That’s great news for busy accountancy firms. You can find out more about the App solutions and their key features here

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At Accountex 2013 our team are running workshop sessions on the growth of mobile for the entire profession. Our senior team are going to explore the issues of ‘effective mobility’ for accountancy firms – you can register for your free tickets here