Accountnats using Blogs

For years now, the idea of regularly updating your website with fresh content to boost your position on Google has been accepted as a necessary task that’s seldom completed.

Social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter have become an increasingly important tool for partners and managers to use, and of course update.

Time consuming, expensive and disparate!

These are the 3 comments we often get when we speak to firms not using the I-Blog solution. It’s a frustrating task trying to keep everything ‘updated’. And the time it takes to write and publish this content in all these places, is something very few senior staff have.

A simple solution to manage it all – an integrated blog

Hundreds of accountancy firms are now using integrated blogs to manage their entire digital marketing. And this is how simple it is:

1.Get an integrated blog or an I-Blog from us

2. Post a blog article (or use one provided, or use a guest article)

3. Automatically at the press of a single button:

Website Updated – sharing latest news and views whilst improving the way your site ranks on Google. Get this right and you will significantly increase your website traffic.

Social Media updated – including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google + etc

App updated – sharing your article sharing your news with all your App users

That’s it – one post, so many benefits, including saving a considerable amount of time.

Getting an integrated blog can be a bit of a minefield

Hurdle 1

The problem is, many firms simply hear the word blog and automatically assume their existing agency can do it. So they ask them for a blog, which is often a big mistake. And that’s because it’s normally set up incorrectly as a separate blog to the primary website (yes even if it’s being drawn in through an iframe or similar) – that means that the SEO benefits are nil and sometimes worse! If an ill experienced techie sets it up incorrectly thinking a blog is a blog, they can often compete with your websites ranking. Making it harder for your own website to get found.

Hurdle 2

Those who do manage integrate the blog correctly with a website have no idea at all how to correctly set up and develop auto updates. That means that whilst your blog post may update your website, that’s where its effectiveness stops. That’s a real shame when it can update all your social media for you including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google + etc.

Hurdle 3

Training and content supply

The I-Blog is a solution not a standalone blog that has been carefully developed for accountancy firms. It draws on over 30 years experience, that means you get a solution that’s tried, tested and proven. It also includes carefully developed 1:1 training and blog content to help you get kick started.

This training will ensure that you can use the blog yourselves with ease. But more than that it will also share with you how to get others to blog for you, including clients and key staff. Giving you all the benefits of a blog, without the need to write.

Want to see live versions of the I-Blog in action? Simply register for your free blog demo and we will take you through leading blogs, how they work and why. Register here free

A simple and powerful solution for accountants

The I-Blog solution has been carefully developed for firms wanting to save time, becoming more efficient and effective and grow. Engineered to do one thing incredibly well and then update everything else for you, automatically.

The I-blog is a tool that will save you hours with each post automatically updating your website, social media and your App immediately. Most blogs just add content to a website, the I-Blog is designed to update your entire online presence in real time.

Insight recently presented to a group of chartered accountants on the importance of Blogs for Accountants, and gave a very insightful and informative presentation.
All the delegates who attended commented on how informed Insight were on the subject; how much they had learned and that they wished there was time to hear more. Such was the success of the presentation on Blogs that we have invited Insight back to talk about Blogs to members in other areas around the country.

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