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I know it’s hard to believe, but sophisticated, educated and well-trained accountants DO make mistakes. Plenty of them! Every day, accountancy firms are making fundamental mistakes in their practices. And I’d be very surprised if they aren’t happening in yours too. In fact, if you think you’re not making any mistakes than our brand new 56-page eBook is an absolute MUST! And you can get your free copy today. Please don’t get too indignant! They’re not the sort of mistakes that will have the Ethics and Standards Committees jumping all over you… They could be even more serious than that!

How many errors do you think you might be making?

Are you and your partners guilty of overlooking some basic yet essential strategies which would help the practice grow and prosper? Now, thanks to this brand new, specially written 56-page eBook, you can discover what they are – and see how many you are making:

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